A Celebration of Native American Seasonal Traditions

June 21, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
A Celebration of Native American Seasonal Traditions


The Sun reaches its highest hour ~ called its Solstice ~ at dawn on June 21st, and then appears to rest for several days before beginning the long trek back south along the horizon, toward its Winter Solstice moment. These moments when the Sun appears to “stand still” have always been regarded as the most sacred in the cycle of the year, celebrated by indigenous cultures around the world for centuries. In fact, the further back in history we go, the more evident the observance of these kinds of astronomical phenomena are, informing everything from where to build the sacred sites, how to farm the land, even how to organize community. Today we will celebrate the food, ceremony, and tradition of the people native to the region where Headlands is located. Join us!

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