Frequently asked questions: Where do I park?

Construction on the Headlands Waterfront Event Center and Observatory at was completed in June, 2017! And here’s what this means for parking, viewing areas, and restrooms:

We have a parking lot near the Waterfront Center, from which you can access the building, the restrooms, the outdoor seating and the wilderness shoreline. This parking lot is just a few hundred feet from the viewing area, and for those with mobility challenges, you can access site, restrooms, and viewing areas along flat surfaces, no stairs.  Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, so when this lot fills, guests are required to park at the entrance to Headlands and take the one-mile walk to the shoreline. Our advice is that you drive through during the day to check out the scene and make your plans for your evening at Headlands. Also, please always park with your headlights facing away from the shore, so that when you return to your car at night and your headlights turn on, they are not aiming into the viewing area (and spread the word!).

There are two ADA-accessible restrooms at the base of the observatory tower, open 24 hrs. Please be tidy!

For those who prefer the shoreline wilderness, there is a trail from the south end of the main parking lot that takes you to the undeveloped 1/4 mile of shoreline that slopes southwest from the Waterfront Event Center. There are some benches along the shore, for your convenience.

The grounds, viewing areas, and trails at Headlands are always open and freely accessible. The Waterfront Event Center is open during programs only, or by private rental. The Observatory is also open during programs and scheduled viewing nights only (we are completing the schedule for our public viewing nights and will post it soon!).

For further information, please call 231-348-1713.